Psycho Beach Party

“Jake Ferree and Paul Edwards are beguiling and awkwardly hilarious as star-crossed lovers.” – KDHX

 “…Jake Ferree and Paul Edwards as unwitting gay lovers who capture that unbearable tension of sex and innocence.” – Talkin Broadway

 “…there's rather a lot of shenanigans, from the hyper-sexualized surfing buddies Provoloney and Yo Yo (Jake Ferree and Paul Edwards) to hiding-in-plain-sight movie star Bettina Barnes (Sarajane Alverson), each worthy of a dozen or so belly laughs apiece.” –Riverfront Times

 “Both guys look like they are right out of a surf movie—Yo-Yo (Paul Edwards) even resembles Jim Hutton, and Provoloney is every sidekick to Frankie you’ve ever seen—but they are absorbed in the wholesome beach scene and denying their forbidden desires.” –Vital Voice

A Midsummer Night's Dream

“Paul Edwards plays the perfect Bottom and, with his tall, lanky frame, wins us over both with and without his donkey persona.”  –Stage Door St. Louis

“Paul Edwards is wonderful as Bottom, a preening theater diva who takes over the preparations for the wedding panto.”              –Talkin Broadway

“Paul Edwards as Bottom and Joshua Nash Payne as Puck competed for scene stealer of the evening, giving wonderfully physical and interesting performances. Both gentlemen have a wonderful sense of comedic timing and have the ability to give us a myriad of facial expressions without actually sliding into mugging.”-KDHX

“Paul Edwards enjoys the banter and bravado of the boisterous Bottom…” –Ladue News

The Damask Cheek

“…to Paul Edwards’ winning portrayal of Jimmy. Edwards keeps Jimmy from sounding too pompous when describing the type of woman he prefers by showing the character’s affection for the women who shape his life.” –Ladue News

“…Paul Edwards delineates both the character's weaknesses and strengths.” -KDHX

“Some of the performances are facile. As Jimmy, the dutiful son who is saddled with a mother (Eleanor Mullin) descended from Mrs. Bennet in Jane Austen's Pride and Prejudice, Paul Edwards conveys a keen sense of ennui and privilege.” –Riverfront Times


“… and with Edwards and Bosillo as the ever-present Rosencrantz and Guildenstern, whose memorable and somewhat flighty characterizations are another notable aspect of this production.” -Snoops Theatre Thoughts


“Edwards is especially amusing as a Dr. trying out contacts for the first time while he attempts to fill in Pam and Nick on their particular issue.” –Broadway World